Essential Tips On Bonsai Tree Pruning That Work

15 Aug

Essential Tips On Bonsai Tree Pruning That Work

Have you ever purchased a bonsai tree that you have decided to take care of? It is a unique tree, one that does require constant pruning. The single shape of these trees is the direct result of proper pruning on a regular basis to keep the size and shape consistently. Here are a few basic tips on bonsai tree pruning that will help you raise a healthy tree.

What Is A Bonsai Tree?

This is a type of tree that is an integral part of the Japanese society. It is considered a Japanese art form. Some people are masters at this, able to cultivate a tree that will reflect the typical shape and appearance of the trees that you have seen for decades. The reason that they are popular has to do with the cultivation of the tree. It is similar to mandalas that are created by people that practice Buddhism. The idea is that your constant focus is a way of clearing your mind, and caring for the tree is an act of selflessness.

How To Grow And Cultivate Bonsai Trees

Once you have acquired one of these trees, you can use one of several different cultivation techniques. There are a couple of different species to choose from. There are those that do well indoors, whereas others must be kept outside. These are non-tropical trees that cannot deal with freezing temperatures or sunlight that is excessive. Instead of growing one from seed, you should order one that has already grown for a couple of years. This will give you quite a bit of material to work with. This will require you to shape and style your tree, the creative part of owning one of these beautiful Asian trees, and you can begin to learn the basics of tree pruning and wiring.

Best Tips For Bonsai Tree Pruning

Before you start to do this, you must understand that your goal is to mimic the way that bonsai trees look in nature. If you’ve ever spotted one of these on a cliff side, or somewhere else in life, you are aspiring to create something that mimics that style. You will have to prune thick branches from time to time. It is important not to have branches that are parallel to one another. If you have two branches that are right across from each other, one of them needs to be pruned. If any branches are twisting or turning on naturally, these also need to be pruned or cut away. Finally, if there are any thick branches, particularly in the top of the tree, these also need to be removed before they get out of control distorting the shape of the tree. Aside from pruning, there are a few other tips that you need to think about to properly care for and maintain your bonsai tree.

Proper Care And Maintenance Of The Bonsai Tree

Proper care and maintenance can be provided following specific guidelines. It’s critical not to overwater these trees as it can lead to root rot. These are typically planted in pots that are excessively small which means they will not develop root rot, as long as there is proper drainage at the bottom. Just make sure that the soil can absorb the water thoroughly so that all of the roots can grow evenly. One final tip to consider is that moving an indoor tree outdoors will eventually kill it, and the converse of that is true. Small amounts of fertilizer are necessary from time to time, as long as you can fertilize your tree every week. The reason is that they are grown in such small pots, they will quickly use up all of the available nutrients.

These tips on how to properly care for a bonsai tree will help you raise a very healthy tree that will look authentic. Always remember that your goal is to mimic the appearance of one of these in nature, and also provide it with the nutrients that would naturally be in the soil. Your goal is to become adept at following these simple rules of taking care of your bonsai tree which includes learning how to do bonsai tree pruning.